Thursday, February 16, 2012

La musica de Españaaaa

Not really, because I'm preeeeetty sure this dude is from Portugal (and they are NOT SPANISH and will let you know(Just as if someone who is CATALAN absolutely will not say they are SPANISH (Even though Catalunya is part of Spain........)))
The Spanish here....they are obsessed with this song.  You can go to no bar nor discoteca without hearing it.  You cannot turn on the TV without hearing it.  

So, I thought I'd give you a little taste of the sounds of Spain (apart from all the American music and artists they listen to here, which is a lot)

It's pretty catchy.
Apparently it means something about a girl walking by smiling....?
No idea!
There's even a dance that goes with it!
(Written tutorial below)

At the chorus....
Wait 2 beats
Fan your face 4 times
Point right finger, then left
Hip Thrust/Elbow Pull
Point right finger, left
Hip Thrust/Elbow Pull (x2)
(Random gratuitous finger pointing is both allowed and encouraged)

Now you can all dance in the true spirit of a Spanish teenager.


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