Thursday, January 26, 2012

Oh my Gaudi!

Over the weekend I went to Parc Güell with a bunch of people.  It's a park up on the mountain in Barcelona and was designed by Gaudi.  If you want to read up on it more, go HERE.  (Apparently one of my friend's host parents have a relative that knew Gaudi and lived in one of the houses!)
To get there we had to basically climb up a mountain
Good thing they have escalators for us lazy American tourists!
(Yes that's my beautiful face)
View from the top of the park!
Up in the mountainous area of Barcelona!
This was a big monument that you could climb up in the park!
 One of the things you have to be really wary of in Parc Güell is pickpockets.  Several people got their bags stolen or even cut open by them!  
The group of girls I went to the park with!  This is the main common area of the park.
Detail around the outside of the main plaza in the park!  There were mosaics like this everywhere around the park!
This is a building designed by Gaudi with the city behind it.  The design very much reminds me of Dr. Seuss
Not the best picture, but this is the plaza held up by columns underneath!
And there was a guy singing and playing his guitar!  On the ceiling are several very colorful mosaics depicting different things.
Beautiful green park!
Group picture again!
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Another of Gaudi's buildings

A different view of the 'Dr Seuss' building

The girls!  (Kristina, Andrea, Ashley, and Me)

And this is the front of the park!
There was much more to walk around/explore but we were all starving so we went and ate at a little cafe.  Since it's free and not too far away I'm probably going to go back sometime soon to look around more!  It was a beautiful day and a beautiful place to go!

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